Whether you’re a solo practitioner, starting or joining a group practice, you must know where you are heading and what the end game is. If you visualize your practice goals, shaping the journey is more likely. Practice transitioning includes many phases from commencement, to growth and finally, to exit strategies.

Your professional life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!


It’s business, not personal



It’s personal, not just business



Who is advising both parties?
It must work for the buyer and the seller in order to be successful.




Practice Growth


Negotiation Strategy


  • Dr. Kramer's ability to see dentistry from both the clinical and business aspect makes him truly unique in the field of practice management. This includes sourcing practice locations, bank negotiations (loans), office design and working with architects, contractors, interior decorators and the like, associate and partnership agreements and working with lawyers, developing and monitoring financial budgets while working with our accountants, staff hiring and managements, and office marketing and promotion. If I was to start a practice, or looking for someone to take my practice to the next level, I would certainly seek Dr. Kramer for his expertise and advice. I am confident that Dr. Kramer can handle so many aspects of your practice development that you can feel comfortable concentrating on what you  do best - treating patients!
    Christian A Wong
    Certified Specialist in Orthodontics
  • Dr. Richard Kramer has been an amazing consultant for our Pedo/Orthodontist group practice. He was instrumental in helping us create the framework for our group and continues to mentor us on both the clinical and business side of operations. We would not be where we are today without his expertise. I highly recommend his services.
    Dr. Anthony Antoniazzi
    Kids Dental Group
  • I have worked with Richard for many years on various matters relating to the purchase, sale and ongoing management of dental practices. I have always enjoyed working with Richard and find him to be a fair and effective negotiator, finding the right balance between hard bargaining and diplomacy.
    Carl P. Jacobson
    Synergy Business Lawyers
  • I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr.Richard Kramer for nearly 20 years. His kind, generous, loyal, and altruistic personality makes working with him fun and rewarding. Dr. Kramer's knowledge of office management from top down is second to none. He has an excellent grip on the intricacies of the complex organization of our dental specialty group practice, and is the primary figure for its success for over 40 years. He has a high level of integrity, making him a permanent rock for his friends and colleagues to lean on. I strongly and whole heartedly recommend Dr. Richard Kramer's services to any dear friend or colleague of mine.
    Dr. Reza Nouri
    Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Dr. Richard Kramer is able to see the big picture and set up his environment and people for success. He truly cares for what he feels passionate about, and creating great companies in his passion. I would be thrilled to be a part of any project that has his name on it.
    Amanda Ribeiro
    Certified Dental Assistant



Dr. Richard Kramer is a graduate of McGill University School of Dentistry. Upon graduation he completed a degree in Pediatric Dentistry along with his Master of Science in Dentistry at Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry. He was subsequently appointed Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at Boston University School Graduate Dentistry, as well as Assistant Chief of the Dental Department at Boston’s Kennedy Memorial Hospital for Children serving in this capacity for 2 years.

After moving to Vancouver in 1971, he began a solo practice in pediatric dentistry and taught part time at UBC. His original office was 850 sq. ft. with 3 employees. The office evolved into a highly regarded group practice combining 6 pediatric dentists, 4 orthodontists in 4 office locations totaling 19,000 sq. ft. Over 150 dental staff are employed. Dr. Kramer’s vision contributed to the development of practice guidelines for incorporating orthodontic and pediatric dental services within the same office. This model has been highly successful, having developed a worldwide reputation for high standards and animated environments. Dr. Kramer’s concept of office design and animated play areas contributed to winning an International Interior Design Magazine Gold Award, while establishing a new standard for pediatric dental office design.

Having formulated the partnership agreements, he conducted the negotiations with all but one associate. A thoughtful approach to the structure of these agreements and his negotiating techniques have resulted in long-term success.

Dr. Kramer has assisted many colleagues in their practice transitions. There is much to be learned from his philosophy of practice growth and transition which include entry and exit strategies